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By accessing any of the ProveMyCopyright.com site or using any services provided, you are agreeing to understand and be linked to the terms and conditions (“ General Conditions of Use”) .
Access to and use of this web site are subject to the following General Conditions of Use. If you do not agree to the General Conditions of Use, please do not use this web site:

Future Amendments
Constant technical and legal developments may require ProveMyCopyright.com to adapt the General Conditions of Use from time to time. ProveMyCopyright.com reserves the right to amend the General Conditions of Use at any time in accordance with such requirements and without announcement. Please, review the General Conditions of Use each time you visit this web site to note any changes or amendments thereto.

Special Notes for applications from United States (American) based applicants:

ProveMyCopyright was originally designed for those who did not have access to the US Copyright Office or could not afford to register every piece of work they wished to with the US Copyright Office.
Only the US Copyright Office can issue what is known as a formal registration of copyright in the US for works that have their origin in the US. Instead, ProveMyCopyright.com offers third party independent proof that you are claiming the rights associated with copyright at that particular date and time.

If you are an American citizen or company and are planning to file an infringement suit in the US, you will have to register the material in question with the US Copyright office before launching the legal action. This does not affect copyright owners outside the US (even if they need to bring a legal case in the US). It also does not affect cases filed outside the US.

We want all our clients to be protected so for those people who have created works of U.S origin, it would be recommended to read through the U.S. Copyright Office's webpage (www.copyright.gov) to decide which service would suit them best.

Account Terms

1. You must be the original creator of the digital creation you are date registering with ProveMyCopyright.com
2. You are not allowed to use any false information for the purposes of setting up an account at ProveMyCopyright.com.
3. You are responsible for your account passwords and Usernames and these should be kept private. ProveMyCopyright.com. is not responsible for any data loss or damage to your account information if these passwords are lost or forgotten.
4. You are responsible for content posted to your account.
5. You may not use this service for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. You must not violate any laws in your jurisdiction

Any violation of these General Conditions of Use will result in account termination and immediate deletion of all content contained within that account. By using the services provided by ProveMyCopyright.com, you claim all responsibility for enforcing your copyright and understand that ProveMyCopyright.com is not responsible for any misunderstandings of legal requirements in your jurisdiction for the enforcement of your copyright.


1. It is your responsibility to ensure that any digital creation you register with ProveMyCopyright.com. is your original creation, that you have the right to make the claim for copyright and that it has not infringed any Copyright law.
2. ProveMyCopyright.com. reserves the right to suspend or delete an account at any time for any infringements.

General Conditions

1. Your use of this service is at your own risk. The service provided is on an "as is" and "as available" basis.
2. You understand that some aspects of the ProveMyCopyright.com service, including your content, may be transmitted over unencrypted networks and transmitted to various machines over the network.
3. ProveMyCopyright will take all measures within it's sphere of influence to provide a reasonable level of service, but it does not guarantee that the services provided will meet your need; as the consumer of these services, it’s your responsibility to ensure that the services do meet your needs in your jurisdiction.
4. You expressly understand and agree that ProveMyCopyright.com shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, or incidental damage, including but not limited to, your content, data, or goodwill.
5. You expressly understand and agree that the service provided by ProveMyCopyright.com is not a complete replacement for the local copyright registrations available to you, especially the copyright service provided by the United States Copyright Service. All users should compare the levels of service and protection given by all providers of copyright registration to find which one best meets their needs.
6. The information found on this website is correct to the best of the knowledge of the creators of ProveMyCopyright.com, but should not be taken as legal advice. You should always consult a qualified legal professional in your jurisdiction in case of doubt.
7. The failure of ProveMyCopyright.com to enforce the Terms of Service does not waiver any rights or provisions. This includes prior Terms of Service.