"Thanks to the Internet, it's never been easier for someone to steal your creative work."

Thanks to ProveMyCopyright, it's never been easier to ensure you get the recognition you deserve!

Don't let others steal your work!

Prove My Copyright helps you protect your original music, writing, photos and software.

It costs less than 1 ($2) per week to become a member and prove the copyright and safely back-up all your creative work with one simple and low cost account.


Don't get ripped off!

  • Are you a songwriter, photographer, author or software developer who creates lots of original material?
  • Do you want to start showing others your work, sharing & selling it online or sending it to publishers or record companies?
  • Are you afraid that you could be ripped off, losing the recognition and profits generated by your hard work?


If so, don't worry! You can help protect all your digital creations by choosing to become a member at ProveMyCopyright.com.

In the 163 countries covered by the Berne convention on copyright (including all of Europe, North and South America, Australia, Japan, China, Russia, India etc.) you will instantly be able to show you were the original creator and copyright holder of your work even of drafts and works-in-progress.
Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the author plus normally 70 years!!!
As an extra bonus we also provide all members with FREE, instantly retrievable online file backups for 5 years so that your most precious files are protected even if your home computer fails.


How can ProveMyCopyright help?

...and why you need to register your copyright.

You are automatically the owner of the copyright on any original works you create, but what if someone rips you off and you have to prove that you were the original creator?
Imagine you saw your photos on someone else's website or heard your song on the radio, recorded by someone else. How would you feel? How would you prove you were the copyright owner and get the recognition and money you deserve?
Without independent, third party verification of your copyright ownership, defending your copyright is unlikely to be successful.

Registering your copyright creates an independent and indisputable record that you are the owner.


Who Are Our Clients?

- Songwriters and Musicians
- Photographers
- Book Authors
- Software Developers
- Academics and many more...

How does it work?

Step 1: You create your material
Step 2: Upload your material
Step 3: We take a digital fingerprint and timestamp
Step 4: You're done!

Risk free!

30 day, money back offer

No risk, 30 Day 100% money back guarantee.
No questions asked, full refund within 30 days if you're not completely satisfied.

Who is ProveMyCopyright for?

Designed for people who create!

Membership to ProveMyCopyright is especially designed for people who create lots of original material or many drafts and works-in-progress.

This includes: Songwriters and Musicians, Photographers, Book Authors, Software Developers, Academics and many more...

One of the many unique benefits with a ProveMyCopyright membership is that you can use your account to register all your original files at no extra cost.
For example, if you are a songwriter you can upload and register Word documents with your lyrics, mp3 files with your songs, jpg's of your album art, videos of live performances and photos of promotional shoots all in the same account and at no extra cost!

Because of the huge 5Gb account you get at ProveMyCopyright, you can even upload demo and work-in-progress versions to ensure you are claiming and proving your copyright from the very beginning.

Remember! As a free bonus, members also have an instantly available online backup of all your files online for the lifetime of your account plus 5 years!!!


Why become a Member at ProveMyCopyright?

Consider the facts...

Independent, third-party verification of your claim of copyright

Simply upload your copyrightable material such as text, photographs, music, software code, manuscripts etc. to your account and we will digitally fingerprint and timestamp it.

We email you with a digital certificate verifying that you claimed copyright at the time of uploading which you can use as independent evidence if your copyright ownership is challenged.
The principles of copyright are established in over 160 countries.



Step 1: You create your material
Step 2: Upload your material
Step 3: We take a digital fingerprint and timestamp and send you a confirmation.
Step 4: Now you have independent verification of your copyright claim that lasts for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years and a secure and safe back-up of your material, downloadable any time and available for the lifetime of your membership, plus 5 years! (See below)

ProveMyCopyright is available in all 163 countries which signed the Berne Convention.


You get 5Gb of file-space to copyright photos, copyright songs, copyright books etc. as many as you want!


Single payment covers all your material. This means you can register drafts, evidence of work in progress and all your other original material without having to worry about the cost.


You get instant confirmation of your copyright registration through email for each piece you upload.


Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the author plus normally 70 years.


You have secure back-ups of your precious files and can access them for the lifetime of your account +5 years!!!


No risk, 30 Day 100% money back guarantee.


What is the best way to use ProveMyCopyright.com?

100% Secure

Copyright + Backup

Access secure back-ups of your precious files incase your local copy gets damaged.
100% secure, encrypted and accessible only by you.

Who are we?

Online since 2007

Before you become a member, feel free to learn a little about ProveMyCopyright and the care we take of your material.
Learn More.

Join us!

Become a member

5Gb account storage, so you can protect lots of files!
Copyright lasts for authors lifetime + 70 years
File backup valid for membership lifetime + 5 Years!



Proof of Copyright + Backup

Massive 5Gb Account!

For only $99 per year (49.99 / 64.99) we back-up, verify and register your claim to copyright on your files. Copyright exists for the lifetime of the author plus normally 70 years and backup files remain retrievable for the lifetime of your membership + 5 years!!!
Youre 5Gb account means you can upload hundreds of files and even various draft stages, protecting your work in progress. Now you can upload all the material you want without worrying about incrementing costs.
Files can be retrieved from your account at any time, giving you a lasting, independent back-up of your most important files.


How do I become a Member?

Sign up online and get started in under 5 minutes...

The first step to securing your creative material is to sign up for membership at ProveMyCopyright.com.
Accounts are set-up and become activated instantly, all you have to do is fill in your details on the sign up page.
You can pay using PayPal or any major credit card and can pay in a range of currencies including US and Australian Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros.

You will receive an email with the details of your unique username and password and then you will be able to access your online account and start to protect your important files.